Reverse post order in WordPress

Note: When I first discovered this technique, WordPress themes were simpler. Reversing post order is a little trickier now. I’ll try to cover the basics and the reasoning to increase your chances of success! By default, WordPress shows your posts in order of most recent to oldest. But many people would rather show older posts […]

Self hosting WordPress

If you’re ready to take your blog to the next level, or if you want to set up a business website using WordPress, it’s important to know what “self hosting” means and why it can help you. vs. WordPress comes in two flavors: (self hosted) and (hosted). In a nutshell, using […]

Using WordPress Plugins

Plugins are a great way to customize your WordPress site, whether it’s a blog, e-commerce website or something in between. But it’s wise to be a little cautious when installing new plugins. Plugin security When you install a plugin, it can access your entire WordPress database and files. While most plugins are meant to help […]

WordPress Security Tips

“Security is a not a product, but a process.” – Bruce Schneier WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms around, but unfortunately that makes it a target for many hackers. Here are some of the easiest ways to make your WP site more secure: Don’t use “admin” as your username. Hackers know that […]

Collapse Spark Panel in Flash Builder 4

Spark Panels are wonderful containers for holding components that can be logically grouped together in one place. One problem I often have with panels is that they have to be placed in a ViewStack component or have their visibility properties changed dynamically to get them out of the way of doing other tasks. One way […]

SEOmoz setup guide

SEOmoz Pro is a service that helps you monitor your websites’ search engine optimization. It’s a great tool, and the company gives excellent customer service, but sometimes all you want to do is jump in and set up SEOmoz Pro. Here are the steps I recommend: 1. Learn about SEO. SEOmoz is like any other […]

Module to Main Application Communication in Flash Builder 4

Module communication can be accomplished with a main application through an interface. This sample provides the code to show you how to reference module functionality through an interface. See the SWF application below for an example of loading two modules into an application and communicating information between them. Below is the Zip file for this project which includes […]

Using Spark ButtonBar to disable enable in Flash Builder 4

ButtonBar components are a useful way to organize associated functionality. A benefit to using a spark ButtonBar is the ability to give a user a choice, but they may only choose one parameter at a time. This sample demonstrates using a ButtonBar component to change the visibility of a component, disable and enable multiple components, […]

Using a Module for Embedded Fonts in Flash Builder 4

Someone asked me the other day, “What is one way I can decrease the initial load time of my application?”. That is a great question. By decreasing the initial application load time, you create a more pleasant user experience for your applications. Every developer should have that in mind when creating applications for other human […]

Top 5 WordPress SEO Tips

A guide to setting up your WordPress website for maximum SEO benefits WordPress is famous for being SEO-friendly, but you need to set it up right in order to reap the maximum benefits. Here are 5 easy steps to making your WordPress site SEO optimized: 1. Set up SEO-friendly permalinks By default, WordPress makes your […]

Changing A Spark BorderContainer’s Border Color with a ColorPicker FlashBuilder 4

In this tutorial, we will discuss adding an MX ColorPicker component to change a Spark BorderContainer’s border color. If you have not completed the Changing a Spark BorderContainer’s Border Width with a Spark NumericStepper Flash Builder 4 project, please complete that tutorial first or download that tutorial’s project Zip file, then come on back. Below […]